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EFI Analytics Graphical Dashboard and Logging solutions for Android.

The following articles go into greater detail on specific features of TunerStudio.

TS Dash

Taking the power and flexibility of your dashboards in TunerStudio, put them into a light weight, fast starting app, that was the beginning of TS Dash. We didn't stop there.

- Raspberry Pi integration for reading and controlling pin states
- Integrated Web Server for configuration from your laptop or PC
- Automatic, triggered logging
- Power management to perform clean shutdowns
- Multiple dashboards that can be swiped or moved by any event such as a pin input
- Dash Echo allowing you tune through your dash and run multiple dashboards
- TunerStudio and MegaLogViewer integration

Download TS Dash - for use with any ECU's that use TunerStudio.

TS Dash uses any TunerStudio Project, loading all dashboards, CAN Devices, custom fields and configurations.

The difference is TS Dash is focused on working as a dashboard. It is optimized to start in in minimal time, has power management for delayed shut downs avoiding boot times, supports direct inputs and has the Dash Echo built in. The Dash Echo is a whole new concept found no where else.

Read more about the EFI Analytics - Dash Echo

Download TS Dash