New for TunerStudio 3.0 all editions!


Download The TunerStudio Beta


MS2 and MS3 owners - No need for any command line utilities loaders. TunerStudio MS has a built in firmware loader with a few new bells and whistles. Such as automatically updating your ini file and restoring your tune!




You can optionally save a backup of your project before you begin, so if for any reason you want to return to your previous firmware you will have all your settings and TunerStudio project as a backup. 
Note: The Backup does not contain the firmware itself, you will need to make sure you have that firmware to restore it to the controller.



Using the normal TunerStudio Detect, you can find your controller and install the firmware over any connection type:

- Comm Port
- Direct Bluetooth
- D2XX
- TCP/IP or WiFi





Upon Finishing, TunerStudio will optionally restore all your Tune Settings.