In the past the when reading runtime data each call to the MegaSquirt returns an update for every defined output channel supported by the firmware whether it was being used or not. Instead of doing this, Tunerstudio 2.3 and Shadow Dash MS 1.16+ will read only the data that is needed provided the firmware supports partial reads. This can potentially give dramatic increase to your maximum data rate. Once again MS3 and MS3-Pro have the best support including the new protocol extensions in the 1.3 firmware so you can capture data logs at over 100 records per second! This is to your laptop or phone, without even using the SD logger.


Firmware support is required!

There are 2 models used:

  1. TunerStudio breaks reads into chunks to only read what data is needed. This causes multiple small reads that improves performance in most circumstances.
  2. New Protocol Extensions allow TunerStudio to read only the needed data in a single call. This is best and gives the best performance possible at 115200 baud.

MS2Extra version 3.3+ and MS2 B&G 3.83+ use method 1 and can achieve 75+ records per second. Important! In MS2 you must enable CAN_COMMANDS in project properties

MS3 version 1.3+ also enables method 2 enabling logging at over 100 records per second!


To achieve the fastest data rates you will want to use Data Log Profiles to log the subset of data you want and need.