Similar to how you can pass a log file name in on startup to have MLV start and open a log, you can also enhance this using a .properties file that contains additional commands.

Instead of starting MLV with the normal command:
MLVStartupCommand [A_Log_File_Name]


MegaLogViewer.exe MyLogFile.mlg

Create a properties file and launch in this way:
MLVStartupCommand [Your_Properties_File_Name]

The content of the properties file supports these command:

# provide the full path to the log file you wish to open (Required):

# Optional parameter that will instruct MLV to continue loading a file in the case
# where it is actively logging. Default is false.

# Optional to instruct MLV to go to a specific tab or view
# accepted values include:
# scatterPlot
# histogram
# ignitionLogger

# Optional. Will start playback when the log is loaded when true. false is default
# If log is actively logging, the cursor will play from the most recent time
# Otherwise play from beginining